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The legal professionals at Anchor Trust Management are here to empower your legacy. Whether we create and implement a complete estate planning strategy, structure a charitable foundation, or make provisions for the care of your children, should the unfortunate occur, we are here as your counselors and advisors every step of the way.


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Tampa Florida attorneys

Trust Administration

Executing a Trust can be one of the most important estate planning decisions any person or family can make. Funding a Trust changes ownership of assets in ways that allow for ease of management and transfer upon the passing of the person(s) involved in the Trust.

A professional Trustee can be the difference between accomplishing the goals of the Grantors and losing a majority of principal to legal fees, maladministration, and mismanagement. Similarly, choosing the wrong attorney to represent the Trustee during the administration or final termination of the trust can render negative results. Experience, diligence, and efficiency are all hallmarks of an effective trust administration and are hallmarks of Anchor Trust Management.

Tampa Florida attorneys

Complex Estate Planning

At some point, everyone needs to give serious thought to their estate plan. Learn about the basics of estate planning and disability planning, including writing a will, setting up a trust, and establishing power of attorney for medical decisions. Individuals and families in Tampa have different needs, desires and goals regarding their estate plan.

A good estate planning attorney will strive to accommodate those goals with a viable strategy to address every issue and concern. A great estate planning attorney will go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are advised of the myriad of resources available to them that they may not have considered. Trusting your estate plan to Anchor Trust Management means nothing is left to chance and no asset is left unaddressed.

Tampa Florida attorneys

Probate Administration

Disputes between estate beneficiaries or between a trustee and trust beneficiaries often arise in the administration of a probate estate or trust. Anchor Trust’s experienced probate and trusts attorneys have extensive experience successfully settling disputes out of court.

Death is a natural part of life. When one dies, the probate process is a method by which assets owned by the decedent are legally passed to heirs. Wills, trusts or the lack of estate-planning documents can result in various pitfalls and procedural matters that require attention and action. Engage an attorney at Anchor Trust Management who is responsive, attentive, and diligent to rectify these matters. The grieving process is beyond difficult, so we’re available to help navigate even the most challenging probate processes.

Tampa Florida attorneys

Family Planning

Family is our greatest asset, our most prized possession, and our persistent focus. Many are branched out across the globe, while others never leave their hometowns. Statistics indicate that in today’s society 40% of families begin prior to or without a marriage; and 26% of children live with one parent. As family dynamics change, it makes sense to seek advice from the professionals at Anchor Trust Management to devise a plan to help you provide and protect your family members and their futures.

Tampa Florida attorneys

Trust & Probate Litigation

The attorneys at Anchor Trust Management are experienced in settling disputes between trust or estate beneficiaries during an estate probate process.

The death of a loved one is a significant loss. When greed, jealousy, and distrust rear their ugly heads, these unkind emotions only add to the pain and tragedy of the event. With experience handling these difficult, complex and painful situations, the professionals at Anchor Trust Management are poised to identify legitimate claims and mitigate those that are emotionally-driven. Our even-keel resolve benefits all parties involved when things are complicated and emotionally-charged.

Tampa Florida attorneys

Business Succession Planning

Succession planning ensures that in the event of a business owner’s death, retirement, or decision to sell a company there will already be legal arrangements in place regarding ownership, management, and payment of taxes. Drafting a business plan early can help avoid a stressful transition, contact our Tampa business succession planning lawyers today.

In many cases, the most valuable financial asset held by someone is their business. A closely-held or family-owned business benefits greatly by having a succession plan in place to prevent catastrophic loss and avoid lapses in leadership due to court probate proceedings. Too often, there is no succession plan when the owner dies or falls ill, leaving operations in flux. Make a succession plan a priority today by taking advantage of a FREE consultation at Anchor Trust Management.

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